Challenge 1 – Bags, bags and more bags

While preparing for a Holiday event at the condo, I realized my population of plastic shopping bags had grown by astronomical proportions. I wondered if they had been breeding under the cabinet or if Santa’s Elves were stashing them their as a joke.

Denial kicked into high gear as I stuffed them into a larger plastic bag and pushed them back in the cabinet satisfied they were now “organized”. After dreaming about being smothered in plastic bags, I knew it was time for change. “Bagless or Burst”.

The first Green Challenge for Change for the year is not to take home more than 3 plastic bags (produce or grocery style bags) over the next 3 weeks. That means I need to quit those bags cold turkey. Join the challenge and let me know how you do.

I am relaxing tonight, fine tuning my plastic bag radar and getting ready to just say no! I look forward to sharing my experience and discussing the world of Plastic, Paper and Reusable bags. And don’t let me forget, I can always say “No Bag Please”.

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2012 – My E Ticket Ride

As 2012 comes to a gracious close while celebrating with friends and family. During the evening, someone asked me for a one sentence description of 2012. I pondered for a moment and replied, “A Disney E Ticket ride”.

He looked at me perplexed and asked me to explain what I meant by an E ticket ride. I launched into a family travel story from my youth. During my first trip to Disney World my brother and I learned each ride was graded A thru E and required a corresponding ticket. The A tickets were for the lame “kiddie” rides, while the E tickets got you on the grown up rides, like the Space Mountain roller coaster.

That little E ticket came with warning signs and was your passage to twists and turns, high-speed, action, excitement, success, failure and fear. 2012 was upgraded from a C ticket ride to an E ticket ride with a touch of awesome-sauce on top.

As I reflect further, I realize I like the E ticket version of my year and made a personal pledge to make 2013 even more exciting with a variety of changes in my life including the launch of Green Basics.

I hope to create a community of folks interested in sharing their thoughts, ideas, products suggestions and journeys related to being more sustainable. There are no right or wrong answers, no pulpit, no marching or protests, just conversations. Regardless of whether we agree or are even in the same place on our personal sustainable journey we get to learn from each other.

My focus for 2013 is “Your choices will change the world.” A simple, yet powerful statement that reminds me every choice I make has an impact, regardless of how small or large.

I will be sharing my journey to find more sustainable alternatives on a budget and pushing myself and anyone else interested, with a number of “Green Challenges for Change”. Every couple of weeks, I intend to toss a new challenge into the ring. I hope you will jump in, join the conversation share what you experience and help change the world.

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